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[Video] Lady stops policemen from harassing bike rider on Ikoyi link bridge

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An unidentified bicycle rider escaped on Ikoyi link bridge, Lagos State after a good Samaritan came to his rescue.

The Samaritan, identified as Uchndu Ijeoma Faith, said she was driving home from work when she reportedly saw the police officers rough handling the bike rider.

Ijeoma Faith said her timely intervention and that of other passersby saved the helpless bike rider who was eventually released by the officers.

The brave lady also shared a video of her altercation with the police officers adding that they tried to make her delete the clip.

Read her post;

“On my way back home from work, this happened on Lekki Ikoyi link bridge just now! A guy was riding his bicycle in peace and the police were rough handling him.

“I had to come down to stop the harassment as other motorists were telling them it was wrong; they said, “why should we put our mouth”…

“I had to get down to do this video and asked what he did wrong and if it was a big Lekki boy riding the bicycle would they harass him like this.

“For all we know, this might be a Musa/Seyi/Ugo that his Oga sent to buy fuel. After the whole back n forth, they finally let him go!

“And they really tried to ensure I delete the video, well I had sent to my second WhatsApp and formed deletion…this country needs a revamp! Total revamp!!!”

See video:

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