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Revealed! The Untold Secret Behind Teddy A And Bambam’s Engagement

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A few days ago, and , from the double wahala edition of the TV reality show, , shook social media streets when they announced their engagement.

It came as a pleasant surprise, especially because many didn’t believe their relationship which started with them publicly having sex on live TV would last or envision it leading to marriage so soon.

A few months ago, during the double wahala reunion, Teddy A was asked about his future plans with Bambam and he revealed that they would have a destination in 2020.

But after the engagement announcement, it seemed they couldn’t wait for the year 2020 to spend their lives together. A little bird whispered, explaining the drama surrounding the hushed engagement and what necessitated it.

According to news making the rounds, Bambam reportedly fell pregnant for the Alpha male and didn’t want to be tagged a baby mama.

Recall that Teddy A has a son with his former girlfriend turned baby mama who earlier accused him of not being there for his son. These claims he vehemently disputed.


According to speculations, to avoid making Bambam a laughing stock, he decided to do right by her. The couple would have their traditional engagement soon.

Big congratulations to Bamteddy.



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