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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Have Been Making Secret Trips to Visit Meg’s Mom Doria Ragland in Los Angeles

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  • Sources share that and have secretly visited Meg’s mom Doria Ragland in Los Angeles, and Meghan has stayed with her mom more than once.
  • Meghan and Harry were just on a short tour of last week, and Meghan’s fashions were A++

It seems as though Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been taking more low-key trips than we thought!

There have been reports of Meghan and Harry making secret trips to  and Amsterdam to visit friends and fellow celebs, but now it looks like they’ve also been sneaking away from Kensington Palace to spend time with Meg’s mom Doria Ragland in Los Angeles.

The Sun reports that Doria’s neighbors have seen both Meghan and Harry at Doria’s place, and one shared, “Meghan has been here to stay on more than one occasion since going public with Harry…I even saw him here once, but it’s not my place to say anymore.”

It’s not clear exactly when Meghan and Harry would have been able to take this secret trip, but some are speculating that it was likely during a stopover after their tour of Australia last October.

So basically, tell everyone you know in LA to keep their eyes peeled for the Duke and !

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